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Special Topics Series

Explore this series that investigates topics sitting at the intersection of CX and AI

Experience Engineering's Lou Carbone and JourneySpark's Matt Egol bring us a series of blogs on reimagining how your company can leverage insights to drive value from its CX investments

A series about what CX leaders can do to amplify innovation in their organizations

A series about what CX leaders can do to accelerate value for their organizations

How to drive and scale adoption of the right behaviors, while creating “clue consciousness” among your leaders, managers, and frontline employees so they can contribute more proactively to a better CX and a more customer-driven culture

General Topics

I’m excited to take the next step in my own journey to help clients create more value from their investments in CX

To amplify value along your customer journey and become more customer-driven, take a fresh look at your company’s own journey

I often get asked which business books I’d recommend. Rather than just share a list, I’m excited to start a virtual book club. Please join the conversation about this starter set of books and share your thoughts on your own favorites

As business leaders embrace AI to drive innovative new experiences, they should strive to sustain the right balance between art and science, fusing human-centered design with data analytics

Turn your journey's spark into a sustained movement that energizes your leaders, managers, and frontline employees

House of the Customer author Greg Kihlström and JourneySpark Consulting's Matt Egol write about how taking a more flexible approach to talent can create new opportunities for your company

Clients focus on one or more of these CX problem statements to accelerate value. Which of them are you prioritizing?