Building a Movement

“I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum potential.” 

-Bob Nardelli

Over the past weeks I’ve blogged about a broad set of topics, ranging from lean startup thinking and agility, to self-awareness about your company’s own journey to be more customer-driven, to a top ten list of my favorite business books. In this blog, I’m going to bring it all together and share thoughts on how you can catalyze a movement at your company to amplify the impact of your investments in experience management. This blog is directed at anyone that wants to be a change agent at their company to help it become more customer-driven.


What do I mean by a movement? I’m thinking bigger than prioritizing a specific set of CX opportunities that you can prototype and launch. I’m thinking broader than building a change management network to engage stakeholders that need to support your CX initiatives. I’m thinking bolder than training programs and AI coaches to help your people say and do the right things as they engage with customers. How can you achieve the best combination of “top down” leadership with “bottom up” energy from your managers and frontline employees so they can be more active contributors to how CX supports your broader strategy?


In my experience, there are 5 key lessons learned if you want to build a movement that truly rises to the level of the questions above:



I’m looking forward to your feedback and continuing the conversation!


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