The JourneySpark logo

“In layered art, many events connect at a single point in space; and many points in space are linked at a single moment in time.” 

-Mary Carroll Nelson

JourneySpark Consulting

What’s the first thing you think of when you see our new logo? Is it the spark at the center as a metaphor for innovation, creativity, and change? Or is it the interlocking circles, which may make you think about the interconnectedness of things and the importance of multi-disciplinary perspectives to generate new insights and foster more effective collaboration? Or perhaps you notice the choice of orange and blue for the color scheme. Orange is often associated with emotion, optimism, and originality, while blue connotes purpose, trust, and loyalty (see here for a cool map of color meanings).

Building on these points further, allow me to share why the quote above from Mary Carroll Nelson resonates so much with me. My mom is a visual artist, and active in the Society of Layerists (check out her website here if you are interested). This quote, itself, has many layers. It focuses our attention not just on events that make up our lives, which we often call “moments that matter” as practitioners in the art of experience management, but on how events come together to create not only one journey, but layers of journeys. Just as our own journeys as customers are non-linear and have many layers, in art, it is the interconnectedness of things that provides deeper meaning.

In designing the logo, we wanted to focus your attention on the spark at the center and how it transfers heat to each of the interlocking circles. Rather than show many sparks along many journeys, we chose to emphasize how a single spark can have an impact across many interconnected journeys.

As I shared in an earlier blog, I’m personally motivated by helping clients accelerate innovation and evolve their cultures to deliver sustained growth and customer loyalty. I believe that all innovation starts with a spark of creativity, and that innovation requires combining multiple perspectives in new ways. This is true not just for your bold bets to change the game via new products, services, or business models. It also applies to your ongoing efforts to drive continuous improvement on the brilliant basics.

What are your journey sparks as it relates to your investments in customer experience? Please share your thoughts about your own journey. I’d love to continue the conversation!