Spark your movement with CX CultureSpark

"Every exchange you have with a coworker or customer is an opportunity to practice the art of interaction, of experience." 

-Seth Godin

Your leaders, managers, and frontline employees all need to be self-aware about the journey they are on together. This helps spark a broader set of CX improvement opportunities, while reinforcing the right cultural behaviors

There's plenty of training out there on how your employees can embrace design thinking, agility, or other point-specific training designed for more focused practitioners. But what about how you stitch these together and raise the CX sensibility of your broader employee population so they can better spot CX improvement opportunities and take accountability to change the customer experience themselves?

CX CultureSpark combines experiential learning via in person or virtual workshops together with the design and ongoing support of drip feed learning (e.g., videos, podcasts, and other self-paced learning). This approach also provides an opportunity to build a network of CX practitioners who help support the ongoing training efforts, building a community of practice and cultural movement at your company.

Step 1: Ignite the Spark (Individual)

In this multi-week series, you'll dive into the foundations of the CX and Culture Connection as a CX leader. Through hour-long weekly virtual meetings and 10-second daily check-ins, you'll learn how to:

Step 2: Share the Spark (Team)

Once you've gotten the basics of the CX and Culture Connection, you'll bring your CX team on board for a multi-month program. You'll engage with the C.U.L.T.U.R.E. method in a more in-depth way as you simultaneously learn how to bring this methodology to your whole company. Weekly meetings and quick daily check-ins reinforce the learning and maintain motivation and commitment throughout the program.

Step 3: Expand the Energy (Company)

As soon as Share the Spark is underway, you can begin to incorporate your entire company via a 12-24 month self-directed program with our support. We'll be helping you adapt our materials to share with your employees and provide you with your own custom Habit Builder tool that you can personalize for each team to maintain momentum and increase buy-in.