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A must-read for anyone interested in combining agile principles with human centered design

This book showcases Daniel Khaneman's Nobel Prize winning work on psychology and behavioral economics and is extremely applicable to shopper insights

Closely aligned to the ideas in Thinking Fast and Slow, The Power of Habit focuses on how habits are formed and different ways that companies can engage consumers on their journey to reinforce loyalty

Lou Carbone shares his unique approach to spotting clues along the customer journey and how the way customers feel about themselves along the journey shapes their relationship with the brand

Seth Godin focuses on how you can become a “linchpin” in your organization – someone who inspires and motivates others and builds energy in an organization

To enhance decision-making, strike the right balance between data, experience and intuition

Increase the flow of energy at your organization

Just like building a house, designing your CX and fostering a more a customer-centric culture benefits from a holistic approach

In this graphic novel, authors Amy Grant and William Duggan lay out a systematic approach you can use to enhance your organization’s ability to drive creative thinking and boost your innovation effectiveness

This book by Stephan Haeckel is one of the best articulated arguments for making customer experience a central focus of your company's vision

Simon Sinek applies the principles of game theory and infinite games for how companies approach their mission, strategy, and organizational development

Don’t let culture eat your CX strategy for breakfast - up your game for change management internally and externally

Lessons from The Catalyst: Driving effective change management for your CX investments

Jon Katzenbach and Zia Khan explore the importance of striking the right balance between your formal and informal organization to evolve your culture and drive organizational effectiveness

The importance of metaphors for creating better experiences

In his latest work, Adam Grant shows how your ability to rethink and unlearn can be powerful tools to identify when change is needed and help engage and persuade others to act together

Karen Root writes about how you can reinforce the connection between your brand promise and your customer's experiences 

Sean Albertson shows how you can reduce customer effort and reinforce a more customer-centric culture by focusing on four different types of rocks along your customer's journey

Do B2B Better

Jim Tincher presents his argument for why even B2B companies need to focus more on the role that emotions play in driving customer behavior and loyalty

The Intuitive Customer

To build loyalty, focus more on customer emotions

Leading the Starbucks Way

 How Starbucks has created a customer-driven culture through its focus on employee experience together with digital innovation

Neil Hoyne writes about how you can accelerate enterprise value by greater focus on customer lifetime value (CLV)