Written by JourneySpark Consulting's Founder and CEO Matthew Egol, The CX and Culture Connection focuses on how CX and culture are both essential to create a growth flywheel for your business. It is written not just for leaders at larger organizations looking to recapture their vigor, accelerate growth, and capture a higher ROI from their investments in CX.  It is also written for leaders at emerging companies who want to avoid losing their way if they don’t pay enough attention to culture as their companies grow. 

Advance praise for 

“For decades, the marketing industry has been fixated on Brand. However, research my non-profit think tank has championed proves that companies with CX as a core marketing strategy are performing better financially. Period. Matt documents his decades helping marketers get this right. It’s a must read on the theories and applications.”
- Greg Stuart, CEO of MMA Global

“This book reinforces why focusing on the mindsets, behaviors, skills, and relationship networks in your organization is key to getting the most out of your investments in CX.”
- Claire Zinnes, Vice President Marketing, EF Educational Tours

“Investments in experience management drive tangible top-line and bottom-line ROI, but changes must be informed by cultural insights that impact customer affinity, loyalty, and brand equity. This book shares actionable ideas that executives and their teams can apply today.”
- Sid Banerjee, Chief XM Strategy Officer, Qualtrics

“This book is a must read for anyone looking to harness the power of AI as part of their customer and employee experience.”
- Amaresh Tripathy, Managing Partner, AuxoAI

“BtoB companies can apply the pragmatic lessons shared in this book to build new and valuable capabilities while driving continuous improvement in their digital and physical experiences.”
- Mike Mangione, Global Head of Delivery and Brand, WL Gore

“AI provides an opportunity to optimize customer lifetime value through more personalized experiences. This book provides a roadmap for how to reinforce a culture of experimentation and better realize value from your investments in CX.”
- Pini Yakeul, CEO, Optimove