Know thyself

“To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.” 


Most companies aspire to be more customer-driven and recognize that this is a north star vision – an unchanging point of reference by which they navigate along their journey. Many also seek to foster and accelerate an iterative cycle of continuous improvement as they progress on their journey. Insights are critical to help create a steady stream of “journey sparks” through the fusion of creativity and analytics, which can be worked on via an agile approach that brings together cross-functional teams across the organization. For this dynamic to be most powerful, the leaders, managers, and frontline employees of the organization all need to be self-aware about the journey they are on together. They need a shared vision of where they are headed, a repeatable playbook for generating and acting on insights with greater agility, and an approach to change management that goes beyond stakeholder buy-in to reinforcing a coherent set of cultural behaviors.

Just like self-awareness, visualization, and mentalism can be used to “know thyself” and raise your own individual performance to a new level, the same is true for a company. Your company is on a journey, too, and paying careful attention to how the journey is going and how the team is performing together is key to accelerating your organization’s progress. 

One way to catalyze the right journey sparks, while building engagement and alignment, is to bring together the right people into one or more interactive workshops focused on specific moments that matter along your company’s journey towards being more customer-driven. Here are some examples for where an immersive workshop may be a helpful catalyst:

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