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Every company is on its own distinct journey to become more customer-driven,
reinforcing a rewarding and unique emotional connection with customers and
employees via exceptional experiences

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Create an emotionally engaging experience

Take a data-driven approach to human-centered design

Spark a cultural movement and drive change 

Strengthen the connection between brand and CX

Create an emotionally engaging experience

Creating emotionally engaging experiences is like collage artwork, which involves looking for images that speak to you and piecing them together to create greater meaning. Collage is an excellent way to get at the metaphors we use as human beings to tell stories to ourselves and share experiences with others. Focusing on your full Experience Collage canvas (usage, meaning, sharing, and community) allows you to create a more emotionally engaging experience with your customers that builds brand favorability, loyalty, and advocacy. Just as in art, the experience is incomplete without getting the customer to elaborate on their thoughts and feelings and to share with others.

Discover how you can create an Experience Collage™ for your organization and deepen customer lifetime value

Take a data-driven approach to human-centered design

Develop actionable Personas that support a more agile, real-time approach to insights, execution, and ongoing measurement

Personas should be more than pictures of your customers - they should be tools that give you actionable insights into customer needs, goals, and motivations based on a deep understanding of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. We use a pragmatic yet rapid approach to understand your customers, get beyond surface level information, and gather actionable insights on the drivers of customer value and cost-to-serve. We align those insights with your value proposition and business model so that you can reach and serve your highest value personas without eroding value with other customers. Modernized customer listening enabled by AI supports a test-and-learn approach to launch and optimize a prioritized set of customer experiences for your personas across your Experience Collage.

Find out how you can make personas work for you!

Spark a cultural movement and drive change

Unleash the energy of your leaders, managers, and frontline employees

Make your growth flywheel spin faster by unleashing the energy of your people. We call this “building a movement” because it's about engaging your people and getting them excited to be part of driving the change forward in your organization. 

Enhance the Leadership Capacity of your organization by enrolling a growing number of employees that are motivated to drive your roadmap of CX opportunities forward with a greater range of skills, with stronger relationship networks and support in the organization. 

Beyond your more senior leaders, you can also unleash the energy of your “frozen middle”: the middle managers who need be convinced that change will really happen this time. 

Finally, your frontline employees contribute so much to your CX through their interactions with customers. By engaging them more fully, not only will you build more insights that contribute to your CX design efforts, you’ll also help them to influence the experience more directly themselves. And because they're more engaged, you'll have higher retention and productivity.

Learn more about sparking a movement with CX CultureSpark for any size and stage of company!

Strengthen the connection between brand and CX

Deliver on your brand promise with exceptional CX powered by AI

It starts with understanding your brand: what's your unique combination of better, faster, and cheaper. That's your brand promise. Your Customer Experience (CX) is how you deliver on your brand promise and drive continuous improvement to keep your growth flywheel spinning. 

Your customer experience investments should focus on ways to reinforce core attributes of your brand promise.  AI allows you to practice advanced customer listening, so you can analyze unstructured customer data together with operational KPIs to assess the congruence of your CX with the core attributes of your brand promise.  You can then drive a set of bold bets to innovate the customer experience, while also tackling the brilliant basics to drive operational improvements aligned to your core attributes.  Taken together, your bold bets and brilliant basics will yield a continous improvement cycle that accelerates value realization.

Explore your organization's brand promise and see how you can deliver an even stronger connection to your brand promise!




Emotion Motion

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