Explore this series that explores topics sitting at the intersection of CX and AI 

The Ultimate Question

The AI chatbot revolution is upon us, and with it comes the ability to synthesize information and get up new learning curves like never before

ChatGPT Responds

ChatGPT attempts to answer ten key questions about how AI will impact CX

AI investments unlock new ways of creating value

In this blog co-written with Farlinium Senior Advisor Lorraine Schumacher, we take a deep dive into ChatGPT's answer to how AI will change the game for value creation from investments in CX

Integrating AI into your CX strategy

This week, we're digging into ChatGPT's thoughts on best practices for integrating AI into your company's CX strategy, along with its potential impacts

Are we really ready for an AI-driven Customer Experience?: Part 1

The opportunities for artificial intelligence to benefit the customer experience

Are we really ready for an AI-driven Customer Experience?: Part 2

The challenges to overcome when artificial intelligence is incorporated into CX

Are we really ready for an AI-driven Customer Experience?: Part 3

How to meaningfully integrate artificial intelligence with your CX

Balancing your "bold bets" and the "brilliant basics"

Cowritten with Farlinium's Farzad Aref, this blog explores how your company can stay ahead of the CX innovation curve while remaining true to the core CX principles of empathy and customer-centricity

Listening to your customer's emotions helps create experiences they value

Farlinium's Farzad Aref and Matt Egol explore how AI can optimize human to human interactions

On your journey toward AI-driven experience management, stay in sync with all your fellow travelers

This blog explores how building stakeholder trust with AI plays an integral role in its ability to create value

Shift from reactive to proactive engagement with customers

An exploration of the opportunities and best practices for designing natural, intuitive AI-powered interactions

The next frontier to create value using AI in your CX

A blog about taking AI beyond its applications in call centers

Beyond surveys: modernizing your approach to CX

A blog about how AI can be used to get beyond traditional survey-based approaches

Your journey to a more customer-driven culture begins with your employees

A blog on the importance of allowing employees to engage with AI when leveraging it to build a more customer-driven culture

Amplify and create new peaks along your customer journey

The final blog in the AI & CX series explores leveraging emotional data to prioritize the CX initiatives most able to enhance the journey's peaks